We Start Taking Reservations In March

May 1st Opening Day until mid October – Columbus Day Weekend (Indigenous Peoples Day – weather dependent)

We Accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover

There is a 50% deposit required to hold your site.

3-night minimum for Holiday Weekends. Payment in full for Holiday Weekends

Campground Map

2022 Rates
Weekend and Weekday Camping Rates


  • Adults Camping (13-99yrs) – $20.00 per night
  • Children (6-12yrs) Camping – $10.00 per night
  • Children Under 5 – Free
  • 4 Adult Minimum for River Front Sites*
  • 4 Adult minimum on all sites – sites are large and can accommodate 8-12 comfortably
  • 2 Night Minimum on Weekends in July & August o Refer to Map Sites 1-2-3-4-5-5B-1A-2A-3A-4A-5A-6A-7A
  • 4 Adults, 2 Nights = $160.00 Minimum
  • The sites are large enough for 8 adults and 4 children, $18 per additional person per night
  • Day Guests – $5.00 per day
  • RV sites 1-2-3-4-Foot Bridge Site-5-5B-6-13-14 – have site fees of $8.00 per night for water and electric, if applicable
  • RV sites are limited to 30′ or less pull behinds. Because 5th wheels may have a harder time getting to us because of the narrow roads, uneven terrain, and special needs of larger rigs, we think it best to only take on small camper trailers. If you have been coming with your 5th wheel for years you can definitely book knowing what our sites are like.
  • Please make note we only have 10 sites suitable for RVs.
  • Site fee of $15.00 per night for those not participating in our river trip rentals.
  • River front campsites – we will not accept reservations under 4 adults per site. Note that our sites are spacious and can accommodate 8 adults and 4 children comfortably.

*2 Day Minimum Friday & Saturday in July and August

*There is no minimum days required during the week – Sunday night through Thursday night.

*The 4 Adult Minimum for River Front Sites is to assure our best sites are accommodating the most people. The minimum is not the maximum if you have a group that exceeds 4 adults, we need an honest account of that for the reservation. If you have 8 adults you will only be granted one site for your deposit (the sites are very large 60x100ft). If you have more than 8 adults then we will give you a site next to or adjacent so your group can be close and comfortable. Our campground is clean and so beautiful and we want to share happily with the public. If we have committed reservations, we feel secure and are happy to adjust and make your stay as enjoyable for you as it is for us to host people at our family’s home.

Holiday Weekends

  • 3 Nights Minimum
  • Family of 4 Minimum three night minimum to have a site on a Holiday weekend (2 Adults, 2 Children+ site fee) = $243.00 – with water and electric = $267.00
  • Any extra adults or children will be a charge of $22 per adult and $11 per child
  • 8 adults and 4 children fit at all river sites and larger sites comfortably.
  • Holiday Rates $22 per adult per night (years 13-99)
  • Children (6-12) – $11 per night
  • Day Guests – $5 per day
  • RV Sites 1-2-3-4-Foot Bridge Site-5-5B-6-13-14 have site fees of $10.00 per night for water and electric, if applicable
  • Site fee of $15.00 per night for those not participating in our river trip rentals.


  • Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day
  • 3 Day Minimum on all Holiday Weekends
  • $243.00 minimum (based on a family of 4, 2 adults/2 children)
  • Holiday weekend campsites must be paid in full to insure reservations.


Water & Electric Hookups: $8.00 per night –  Dump Station for RVs: $8.00
This applies to site with water and electric. (Sites: 1-2-3-4-FBS-5-5B-6-13-14) Refer to site map.

Camper/Trailer Sites – Extra Fee for Water and Electric

1-2-3-4-5-5B-13-14 – Refer to Site Map
4 Adult Minimum – 18×4=$72 + Water and Electric $8 = $80 per night
2 Night Minimum = $160
(Additional adults and children charged individually)

Free WiFi service through Verizon at office

AT&T tower close by —no guarantee on quality of service.

Canoes/Kayaks/Tube Rentals

From Lordville – 8 miles – we prefer to transport groups earlier for our long trip

Trip Time = 4hrs-6hrs – be prepared with food, water, and clothing

In the Spring Season the water is colder and higher taking less time with more rapids, it is recommended that you prepare for cold water recovery with proper gear.

Kayaks: $50.00 per person
Canoes: $50.00 per person = $100.00 per boat

From Long Eddy – 2 miles

Trip Time

Canoes/Kayaks = 45 minutes
Tubes = 2.5 hours

Kayaks – $30.00 per person
Canoes – $30.00 per person = $60 per boat
Single Person Tube – $30.00 per person
Cooler Tube – $20.00 with bag of ice included
We will transport your tubes for $20.00 per person
$20 per jacket rental or paddle rental with a credit card on hold until returned

Cancellation Policy:

  • One week’s notice for refunds less 10% of deposit as a service fee
  • One week notification for credit applied to current season… there are no credits for the next camping season
  • Only one rain-check granted within the season if cancellation was within the week notification cancellation policy. You can only call to rain-check after initial cancellation!
  • No refund for early departure or cancellations for inclement weather
  • All of 2020’s rain checks will be held to last year’s prices for the money we currently have on credit, any additions to the reservation will be at our current year’s prices.